About Us
Poker Tour Bookings / 八达房 was founded by Poker players frustrated with the travel and accommodation nightmares they faced when planning their poker trips. Relying on an inaccurate map or  address resulted in a long commute to the events itself. Dealing with bad internet, or realizing that the hotel had no food after 10pm during an online grind just added to the long list of frustrations faced by us.

We want to attend poker events and compete in a perfect state of mind. Poker Tour Bookings was founded to remove the tilt & frustration from all the unnecessary planning. In addition to the knowledgeable service agents (PTB Heroes) the prices we procure are usually comparable if not cheaper than what you can find out there.

Some of our have found themselves welcome packs, room upgrades, free breakfasts or lounge passes and complimentary internet.

Wherever possible we do our best to add value beyond what you pay for.

Wondering where to eat, party or shop? Our PTB Heroes will be there to answer your queries. Our goal is to add value to our clients and ensure that our knowledge reduces the  variance that comes inevitably comes with travelling to a new location. Book with us now and we promise you will be getting your money in good.
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